What are the Best Ways to Kill Fleas and Ticks on a Cat?

poor itchy cat!Cats, like dogs, also suffer from flea’s infestation. In such a case, it is important to identify the best ways to get rid of the fleas. Whilst there are many chemicals that are available, prevention remains the most viable option. In light of this, let us look at various ways of dealing with fleas and ticks on your tick once and for all.

Long-term prevention

Insect growth regulators are some of the best long term preventive chemicals that can be used to get rid of ticks and fleas. Some of these chemicals like one known as Precor are a hormone used to cause sterility in fleas when sprayed on the flea offspring. Ensure that you spray this chemical on your cat’s favourite sleeping area in the house such as the carpet, floor and the upholstery. As a word of caution, this chemical is not sprayed directly on the cat.

Keeping a heating coat on your cat

A cat with a healthy coat is a sure way of keeping off potential fleas and ticks. It has been observed that fleas and ticks have a preference on coats that have flaked skin that is also raw and itchy. In order to achieve this, you need to ensure that your cat is well fed with vitamins such as vitamin C and B-complex group of vitamins. Other s like black walnuts should be given in the form of granules to supplement the normal cat’s diet.

To ensure that the coat of your Cat is free from fleas and ticks, ensure that you clean it thoroughly using the combination of the powder known as calcium ascorbate and flax seed oil. To repel the fleas and ticks, you may add garlic to your pet’s food as often as the need may be.


Combing the coat of your cat is a sure way of exposing these pets. The act of combing also saves your cat the agony of having to scratch itself, hence preventing bruising itself in the process.


It is a good practice to vacuum the furniture and rugs where the cats spend most of the time. This will help nab the eggs of the fleas and ticks before they hatch. Timing the breeding season for these pests to vacuum is a good idea as it will help prevent them from breeding and multiplying in your household.


There are some powders which have been found to be quite effective in eliminating fleas and ticks in cats. Examples include diatomaceous earth which is made from the remains of algae. For best result, it should be sprinkled and left overnight in order to kill all ticks and fleas present.

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Prevention and Control of Fleas in Your Dog

how to prevent dog fleasOne of the biggest enemies to your beloved pet is a tiny wingless insect known as the flea. This pest attacks your dog by mercilessly sucking blood from its host using its highly adapted mouth parts. Although you will tell that your pet has fleas i.e. through whimpering, itching and scratching, some fleas are more subtle, hence difficult to detect.  For your information, fleas are responsible for a disease in pets known as dermatitis.

How will you know that your dog is infested by fleas?

There are some common signs that tell that your dog has been infested by fleas. These include presence of a bee-hive like structure at the point of the bite. As noted above, you will notice that the dog keeps scratching and itching, leading to loss of hair in the areas bitten by the fleas.  Redness and pigmentation of the skin may also be present.

Preventing fleas from attacking your dog

Use of insecticidal sprays

There are some topical insecticides that used to be popular in days gone by. Though they are not as popular today as they were sometimes back, they may offer a temporary relief from the fleas in your dog.


Dipping your dog in some pesticides is also an option that you can explore in a bid to prevent and control fleas in your dog.


Some pesticides for fighting fleas in dogs are also available.Although any of the above can be used for prevention of fleas on temporary basis, there is need to come up with a more intensive way of eliminating the fleas. This is based on the understanding that fleas have a defined life cycle. As such, it is imperative that the eggs, larva, pupae and adult stages occur at different times. This takes time too, hence the need to use stronger chemicals which will persist long enough. Foggers or sprays for instance may have a longer residual effect hence may be more effective than use of certain topical powders and chemicals.

Hygienic living condition for your dog

You may not succeed in preventing and controlling fleas in your pet, the dog, if it lives in deplorable conditions. Apart from treating your dog on regular basis with chemical pesticides as suggested above, you will be required to clean the kennel where the dog resides. This is aimed at preventing some of the fleas from surviving the pesticides and making back into the kennel and re-infecting your dog.

Vacuuming the house

Vacuuming is quite effective in preventing and controlling fleas in your dog. The vacuum cleaner should focus on the cracks and corners where the fleas and their immature formats may hide. A vacuum cleaner will eliminate all these, hence preventing the fleas from completing their life cycle and attacking your dog. Remember to apply powder on the surface, walls and the cracks after vacuuming.

Pest experts

There are pest control experts who are well acquainted with pests such as fleas and will therefore be helpful in helping you prevent and control fleas in your pet dog.

Insect Growth Regulators

These are groups of drugs that act on the fleas in a systematic way, reducing the population of adult fleas considerably, hence reducing their chances of multiplying.

zoomed in view of a fleaAdulticides

As the name suggests, these types of chemicals kill the actual fleas wherever they are located on the skin, i.e spot-on. They are applied directly on the skin of your pet. There is also an oral version of the adulticide


Medications for your dog have been around for quite a while, but one form that has grown in popularity is the tablet, or “chewable” that you can give your pet once a month to prevent fleas. Up till now, probably the most popular versions have been comfortis and trifexis, but a new product has hit the market called chewable nexgard for dogs. It was created by Merial (makers of frontline), and is growing in popularity since it treats for both fleas and ticks. You can find a coupon for Nexgard at the same site to help save some money, and give it a try if interested.

About these flea prevention methods

Any of these prevention and control methods is effective especially if they are done right. However, the success rate will depend on factors such as the level of exposure and lifestyle of your pet.

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Natural Ways of Eliminating Fleas and Ticks from Your Dog

prevent fleas naturally on dogs and catsAlthough fleas and ticks in your dogs and cats can be destroyed by use of pesticides like Precor, there are homemade remedies that you can make use of and successfully conquer them. In this article, we are going to explore various natural ways of eliminating fleas and ticks.

Use of a flea collar

To make the flea collar, you will need essential oils like lavender and cedar, water and a bandana. The oil is diluted using water. The mixture is then applied on the bandana, which is in turn tied around the neck of the dog. This can be reapplied twice a week for effective results. You can also apply the mixture on the tail of the dog.


A drink can be prepared to deter fleas. For this, you need Apple Cider Vinegar, ACV or its white distilled version. This is then diluted using water to deter fleas as well as keep the puppies with smooth and shiny coats.

Flea comb

A flea comb is quite handy as it exposes the fleas where they are hidden from view by the fur of your dog. To enhance its efficacy, it should be treated with a flesh lemon. Lemon contains a chemical compound limonene which though harmless to puppies and dogs, strongly repels fleas. To prepare a flea comb, all you need is to boil some water and add the lemon slices. Allow the mixture to steep after turning off the heat. The comb (which can also be a sponge or brush) is dipped into the liquid and ran through the fur of the pet. Repeating this procedure a few times will help deter the fleas from attacking your dog.


There is a flea spray that is a natural remedy for fleas in dogs. To prepare this spray, you need ingredients such as distilled vinegar or ACV, essential oils like lavender or cedar and a bottle for spraying. The oil (optional) is added to water together with vinegar or lavender oil and the mixture put into the spray bottle. The pet is then sprayed in the areas where fleas are known to hide. Notorious areas include the chin, neck and around the ears. The same spray should be used on the sleeping area of the dog. This is done to kill or repel dales which invade the bedding.

As a precautionary measure, the spray should not be used on the face, ears or eyes of the dog.

Here’s a video about natural flea remedies!

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How Fleas Can Effect Your Pet

must eat fleas!!Whether you have a dog or cat, fleas have an adverse on their health. You can tell healthy cats and dogs from the unhealthy ones. If your pet is infested with fleas, it will show various responses as explained below:


Fleas invade the coat of your cat or dog, biting them on the skin. The pet will experience pain and try to sooth itself by scratching itself. As a result, you will notice the spots where there have been flea bites; the skin appears raw and red. It also looks itchy.

Sucking blood

Fleas are merciless tiny creatures which such blood from your pets, hence making them emaciated. Your pet will look thin and weak.  If you notice that your pet is anaemic, the first culprit would be the fleas because they are blood sucking vampires.


Flea bite dermatitis is an allergic condition that your pet develops owing to attack by fleas. It so happens that the fleas release saliva which causes allergic reaction when it comes into contact with it. The symptoms of the flea tick dermatitis usually show on the face, neck and head of your pet. As a result, your pet will keep licking itself and scratching in a bid to get rid of the allergy. The skin reddens and you will also notice some scabs on the skin too. Hypersensitivity is a common sign that your pet has developed some allergy to the flea bite due to the saliva that they release as they bite. It is important to note that not all pets develop this allergic reaction. The absence of the allergic reaction should therefore not be used to mean that your pet is not infested with fleas.

Tapeworm infestation

Fleas can also lead to tape worm infestation. This occurs during the grooming in some of the pets like cats when they ingest these tapeworms. Tapeworms affect the pets in that they prevent the normal absorption of nutrients in them, hence causing emaciation.

General weakness

An infested cat or dog develops malaise and general body weakness. It also appears uncomfortable all the time.


The skin of your pet is usually the first casualty. It loses its lustre and instead becomes red, harfened, raw and irritated. You will also notice some unsightly spots and patches.

Loss of hair

Due to constant scratching and itching, the pet loses lots of its fur. The fur also becomes dull in appearance and dries too. You will notice what looks like dandruff on the skin; flakes fall off the skin when you rub it.


Fleas affect your pet so much that it has to take much of its time scratching itself incessantly until it bleeds.

Disease infestations

Fleas have been known to cause certain diseases like bubonic plague and another one known as murine typhus. These diseases add to your pet’s woes, necessitating treatment. Although these two are not considered a major problem, they can affect the general health in the long run.

It can be distressing to you and your family, watching your favourite pet suffering from the flea infestation. As such, it is imperative to take necessary measures to ensure that you use the recommended pesticides to eliminate or curb the spread of fleas. If you are unsure on how to go about it, you should consult a veterinarian on how to deal with the fleas.

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What You Have to Know About Pet

People generally adopt pets for different reasons. For example, pets will give people sense of security or companion so they don’t feel very lonely, or jogging or walking mate for helping them to lose weight, so whatever reason there’re some things that you have to know when adopting pet.

Points to know Before Adopting Pet

  • Is family in agreement as type of the pet they want?
  • Is the family ready, keen and can take good care of the pet?
  • Do you know basic needs of pet in mind?
  • Does family know type of pet that is allowable?
  • Have you ever considered possibility of the allergies with the family members? To check it out you visit the places that have desired pet for example friends, shelters, family, or watch for the reactions.
  • Are you totally aware of expenses involved?
  • Have you ever thought of your home and where you stay? This might have impact at what pet you are adopting.
  • Have you ever considered how children may react to the different animals? You can take them to places where they will interact with the animals & see how they react – some kids are fearful of animals.

So you need to do your own research when adopting pet because it is the long term commitment.

Where you will find the pet to Adopt?

You can purchase one from the pet store or else breeder or you can look out pet at the local shelter for less costly option. The shelters have vast number of the pets like dogs, cats, or small animals. The large proportions of dogs are euthanized every day and thus it can be a rewarding way in finding your best friend. But, some animals are classed as unadoptable because of signs of fear or aggression and other problems & are kept at shelter. However, other animals are quite lucky to find the new home forever.

Rules for the Pet Adoption

Before Visit:

  • Is in agreement to kind of pet, size and breed you are searching for.
  • Ensure everybody
  • Know shelters policies to take any pet home

Best adoption shelters in country can put every pet and the potential owner through some vigorous examinations before letting you to take a pet home. Suppose you’ve decided to adopt a pet there’re forms that you need to fill in & fees to pay. Suppose, you’ve decided against the adoption then tell your shelter staff with the reasons why they will keep you in mind while showing pet to next potential owner. Or suppose they don’t have any pets at a time of looking leave your name, description and contact details of the ideal pet. Something might pop in very soon. Adopting pet must be very rewarding and it can be, providing everybody knows what you can expect from start. Suppose you know what you want to know more about adopting the pet and select to adopt from the shelter then you can save the life that can hopefully steal the heart forever.

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Top Reasons to Adopt the Pet

Are you thinking to get the new pet and have you considered the pet adoption? Adopting pet is the wonderful choice for adding the canine friend in the family. Here’re sine reasons why you must select the pet adoption:

You will save life

Saving life might be the rewarding actions in person’s life. Some of the pet shelters need to put down the animals in case they don’t get adopted. In case, you select to adopt the pet from animal shelter and animal adoption agency, then you are not just saving precious animal’s life, but you are highly increasing the life quality.

You will save money

While you adopt pet, you’re actually saving lots of money. The animals who are placed in the shelters and taken to the animal adoption agencies almost are spayed and neutered and vaccinated. These preliminary, and essential process add up when it is done. Also, it’s inexpensive to adopt the pet from agency and shelter compared to buying the dogs and cats from local pet shop.

You will get healthy pet

Like it was mentioned above, the pets from shelters & adoption agencies are always spayed and neutered, or have received the vaccinations also. This makes sure happiness and health of the future pet. In contradiction to the popular belief, lots of pets who are placed in the shelters haven’t been mistreated and “done something wrong.” Lots of pets are taken there due to people problems, like divorce, big move, or are just too busy to provide any care for the pet.

You will not be supporting the puppy mills

Lots of pets sold in the pet stores and newspaper ads at times come from the puppy mills. The puppy mills are the dog breeding businesses, which are harmful to health of the bred puppies. The facilities at times house up to many hundred dogs at time, therefore compromising well-being and health of precious puppy. So, by adopting pet from shelter or pet adoption agency, you’re not supporting the inhumane businesses.

You will have large selection

As pet adoption agencies & animal shelters have a lot of pets, there’s the wide range to select from. In order, to make the pet shopping simple on the potential parents, lots of pet agencies & shelters have web sites that will allow the people to look for the possible pets by age, size, sex, as well as breed. It allows the families to hunt from comfort of their homes; hassle to go to overwhelming and noisy shelters or agencies is also eliminated. Satisfaction you will get while you adopt pet is no other; and you have received healthy pet, you can save money, you will get perfect pet for the family, and will have saved the life. Adopting pet has got lifelong benefits, which you won’t regret. Give such animals second chance just by letting them to join loving family. The animals are always trained to a degree – added bonus to new dog owner that does not want the unpleasant messes in house.

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